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Product Description

Torque controller

1) Rated voltage: 220V / single phase, 220V / three phase, 440V / three phase
2) Power range: 0.75 ~ 22kW
3) Output frequency: 1.0 ~ 400Hz

1) High-performance low-noise
2) Automatic torque compensation
3) RS-485 in-line interface build-in
4) 2-level accelerating / decelerating time
5) Automatic slip compensation, automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
6) 8-level preset table speed
7) Restart after instantaneous power-off
8) All-dimensional protection

Input Voltage 220V 440V
Model number: S1100-2T/4T***G 0.75 1.5 2.2 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22
Output Applicable motor power (KW) 0.75 1.5 2.2 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22
Output rated current (A) 5 6.5 11 3.0 4.2 5.5 8.2 13 18 24 32 38 45
Max output voltage (A) Input power
Over load capacity 150% of rated output current and run for 65 seconds
Power Phase. Voltage. Frequency 1-phase/3-phase 200-240V 50/60HZ 3-phase 380-460V 50/60HZ
Allowable variation range of Voltage Frequency Voltage: ± 15%  Frequency: ± 5%
Input current (A) 11/7.4 15/10 27/15 4.2 6.0 7.2 8.5 14 20.6 28 30 39 49
Controlling Characteristics Control mode Adopting SVPWM modulating techniques (V/F control and Speed Sensor-less Vector)
Output range of frequency 0.01~400.0Hz
Frequency setting analyzing degree 0.01Hz
Output frequency analyzing degree 0.01Hz
PWM load wave frequency Available to modulate from 2 to 10kHz
Torque increase Auto torque-increase and auto slip compensation at 2 Hz the starting torque can reach 150% of rated torque.
Jog frequency 3 points can be set from 0.01 to 400.0Hz
Acceleration/deceleration time 0.01 to 600.0 seconds. (2 steps of accel/decel time can be set separately. )
Stall Prevention Level According to the load characteristics of motor, it’ s available to be set as 50 to 200% of the rated current of the drive
DC braking Available to be operated from 0.01 to 400.0 Hz from STOP, braking 0 to 100% of the rated current. Starting time 0.0 to-60.0 sec, Stopping time 0.0-60.0 sec
Braking torque 20% (125% shall be available if connected with purchase braking resistor externally)          (or 1 to 25HP, equipped within the electric crystals, for 30 HP, braking unit module shall be connected externally. )
V/F curve V/F curve available to be set
Operation characteristics Frequency setting signal Digital Operator Set by UP and DOWN
External terminals 0-10VDC, 4-20mADC, Series Communication Board (RS-485)
Running operatisignal Digital Operator Available to be operated by RUN, STOP and JOG keys.
External terminals 2 wire styles (Fwd/Stop, Rev/Stop, Run/Stop and Fed/Rev) /3 wire operation, JOG running, Serial Communication Board(RS-485)
Intelligent Input Terminal Switching of 16 step pre-set available speed; Switching of First/Second acceleration/deceleration time; prohibiting acceleration/deceleration and external interrupt input; Jog running UP/DOWN frequency terminal setting; Count terminals
Intelligent Output Terminal During running, frequency agreement output, non-zero count agreement output, over torque output, external interrupt reference. Low voltage detection, operation mode reference, fault output and external fault interruption.
Analog signal output Correspond to actual output frequency or output current.
Fault signal contact Contact of ON at AC motor drive (Relay with one C contact or two open collector output. )
Built-in Function Setting max/min output frequency; momentary power off restarting; fault restaring; setting of S curve acceleration/deceleration time; auto-voltage stabilizing output modulation; digital frequency output signal; fault records; parameters locking; reset to factory setting; inhibiting reverse run; over current stalling prevention, over voltage stalling prevention, electrical thermal relay.
Protection Function Over current; over voltage, low voltage; external fault interruption input; motor over load; GFF: grounding protection(For optional use); over load of the drive and drive overheating
Digital operator Consisting of 8 functional keys, 7 step LED in 5 digits; 5 status LED indicators. Available to set frequency, display actual output frequency, output current, self-determined unit parameter overview of users, modify settings and for parameter locking, fault displaying. Available to perform running, stop, reset, fwd/rev run and jog run.
Environment Operational Environment temperature -10° C to +50° C (+40° C ~ +50° C available when the dust cover is removed)
Storing temperature -20° C to + 60° C
Installation height Lower than 1000m, without corrosive gas, fluid and dust.
Vibration Below 20Hz 9.80665m/s² (1g), 20~50 Hz 5.88m/s² (0.6g)
Protection degrees Determined by the installation environment of the end-users.

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