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Product Description

S900 Series Transducer
Applicable Industry

Food processing:
Dumpling making machine, food processing mixer, noodle machine;
Wood working machinery:
Side woodworking thickness planer, woodcarving/woodworking machine, simple wood-cutting machine, paint spraying machine;
Paper making /textile machinery:
Circular weaving machine, flat knitting machine, ribbon loom, printing machine, industrial sewing machine, knitting machine;
Fan/pump equipment:
Air conditioning system, wastewater treatment/constant pressure water supply system, water spraying /irrigation pump, compressor;
Conveying and delivering machinery:
Belt conveyor, automatic door, pull coil type iron door, dumb waiter, crown block X-Y axle;
Machine tool /metal working machine:
Grinding machine, drilling machine, small milling machine, machinery arms of injection molding machine(squeeze);
Industrial washing machine, grinder, running machine, feeding machine, iron, car washer, packing machine.
Installation can be carried out side by side
It is simple and easy to maintain
Dismountable cooling fan can be easy to maintain, easy installation and dismantlement can be carried out by pulling out plugs and loosen retaining screw of the fan.

Model statement:
S 900 - 4T 1.5 G

SANCH Name of 2T: 220V single phase Applicable motor
Product series 4T: 440V three phase 0.2: 0.2KW G: Constant
0.4: 0.4KW torque
3.7: 3.7KW overload
Characteristics of the function
Upper frequency limit/lower frequency limit set:
To prevent misoperation of field staff from leading to damages such as overheat or machinery depreciation due to low/ high running frequency.
Selecting function of electronic thermoelectric relay:
To set electronic thermoelectric relay to prevent self-cooling motor from overheating while running and to restrain allowable output power of communication motor driver.
Operation function without tripping:
Current control functions (to prevent speed reduction) can be used to achieve operation without tripping
Frequency set knob:
Standard frequency set knob can be configured to adjust frequency simply.
Intelligent pendulum frequency function:
It is suitable to textile and chemical fiber industry and the occasions requiring transferring and winding.
Cooling fun control function:
Constant operation/halt after the machine stops for a minuter/running with the transducer/stop action option function.
Automatic energy saving:
To further realize energy saving under the function of fans and pumps.
Automatic program running function:
Traditional control circuits like relay, switches and timer can be substituted
Automatic torque ascending function:
Powerful running can be achieved when the torque achieves rated torque of 150% in 5Hz
Slip compensation control function:
Stable operation can be achieved for overload changes.
Full protection function:
Perfect detection protection function (LV, OC, OV, OH, OL, OL2), can achieve to protect transducer and equipment accurately and rapidly. External Fault(EF), communication Exceptions (CE), moisture is too high or circuit fault of the environment can be detected by transducer power (CF32. /CF3.3), circuit fault of over-voltage/over-current protection (HPF, 1/HPF. 3), abnormality of pendulum frequency set, Grounding short circuit fault (GFF)
Installation size W H D W1 H1
S900-2S0.2-0.75G/S900-4T0.4G-1.5G 72 180 148 59 151.6
S900-2S1.5G-2.2G/S900-4T2.2G-3.7G 100 180 148 89 162.9


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